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What I Believe

I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which I believe to be the most inspiring organization on earth apart from the family. The gospel of Jesus Christ taught by the Church gives me purpose, direction, and confidence. Through it I know who I am and Godís plan for me and my family. I have been blessed by the service and love of kind and wise teachers, leaders, and mentors throughout my life. I have learned to grow, serve and sacrifice, and to enjoy close relationships with all kinds of people that my schooling and professional life would not normally include.

I believe that we are all literal sons and daughters of a living Father in Heaven. As children of God we each individually have a divine nature and are of infinite worth. When we believe in the Fatherhood of God it is then only natural to believe in the Brotherhood of Mankind.

I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, my Saviour and Redeemer. He has made it possible, through faith and good works, for each of us to live forever in the presence of God again after this mortal life. 

I believe that through the Holy Spirit of God we can know for ourselves the truth of all things. 

I believe that the family is central to plan of our Heavenly Father for the lasting happiness of His children and that it is the most important organization in this life and in eternity. There is no more important work I can do than that which is done within the walls of my own home. My most important roles are those of husband and father and grandfather. Truly families can be together forever.

I believe that there is a living prophet and twelve apostles upon the earth today who are authorized to speak for God. I have learned for myself that following their counsel and teachings brings peace, safety, and joy.

I believe that the purpose of this life is to learn the things of greatest worth; to love family, friends, and all people; to serve and to share with others what I can give; and to leave others and the world a better place than I found them.

I believe in the Holy Bible, as well as The Book of Mormon (Another Testament of Jesus Christ), which was translated from ancient records and brought forth in our day by a prophet of God. I know that living by their teachings will bring a person closer to God than through any other book. 

I believe that the great choice in life is not between fame and obscurity, nor between wealth and poverty. Rather, the greatest choice that we can make in life is between good and evil. The consequences of that choice are much more significant and long lasting than we may be led to think surrounded by the busy world in which we live. 


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